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Handmade Smudge Sticks

These hand-tied Smudge Sticks are made from organically grown California White Sage. Smudging is a ceremony practiced by Indigenous Cultures for cleansing and purifying. It is used to rid of negative energies that may bring harm to the person or area. 

To use: Get a good burn going on the tip of the Smudge Stick, I recommend holding the stick over a candle flame or gas stove. Once a lot of smoke is emitting from the stick, hold over a plate or Abalone Shell and circle around the house. You can burn for as long or as little as you would like. This stick will last through several burns. To extinguish tap out all glowing red leaves and make sure the center is out as well. Watch for all smoke to stop flowing from the stick. 

Each Smudge Stick is roughly 5 inches but may vary in size due to it being handmade.