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Handmade Organic Essential Oil Roll-On: Lavender Mint

A natural perfume that does not have any chemicals or fragrances in it. Scented only with essential oils. I use vodka and distilled water to dilute the essential oils so that the essential oils can safely be used on your skin. Vodka is a medium that helps distribute the esential oils throughout the water since oil and water do not mix. These are great for the days you are just having a "smelly" one or if you need a little pick me up or something to calm you down when you are stressed or anxious. The Lavender and Mint is the perfect mix and smells so good!

This roll-on can also be used when you are suffering from headaches. Rub on temples, behind neck and on your wrists for a quick relief from painful headaches.

Try one today. 


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Vodka, Organic Lavender and Mint Essential Oils


Each jar is blue to protect from sunlight that can damage the essential oils and has a metal or glass roll-on piece (depending on whats available from the supplier) to distribute the "perfume" on your neck, wrists, or anywhere else you would like to have some extra scent.