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Handmade Organic Lotion Bar: Lavender

Lotion Bars are a solid form of lotion that can be easily transported. Made from the finest ingredients which naturally has a Lavender, light Honey and Shea Butter scent which will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and ready for any kind of weather. Naturally Shea Butter and Coconut Oil have an SPF of 8, so this will give you a little protection from the sun. 

Directions: Rub Lotion Bar on warm skin, preferably after a shower, and your body temperature will melt a small amount onto skin to moisturize. 

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax

***** Keep Lotion Bars out of heat or direct sunlight. Make sure to keep in a container or plastic bag in case of softening.  Crystals can form at any time when the product is exposed to heat and then cooled too quickly. Protect product from direct sunlight, heat and freezing temperatures. 

 The texture of butters will always vary. Sometimes butters can feel grainy or gritty. This is because they are high in unsaponifiables and if heated too rapidly, they can develop crystal-like granules of fat as they cool. This does  not affect the properties of the butter. The butters travel to us from Africa, passing through extremely different temperatures while en route to the US. During this process, the butters can actually melt due to the extreme temperature in African countries or even passing through extreme temperatures once it reaches the States. The butter may then be subjected to very cold temperatures in the mail processing facilities and or trucks, which can make it set too fast.

If you find this has happened, not to worry, the grains do eventually melt upon skin contact (with the assistance of masssage). Although, the initial 'grainy' feel can de disappointing, especially when the user is expecting a smooth product, the butters are still working and giving you all their amazing benefits!

And most importantly, ENJOY!