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Handmade Organic Bath Salts: Lemon Rosemary

A most refreshing bath salt to cleanse and rejuvenate tired skin, muscles and bodies. If you love the smell of garden fresh Rosemary, you will absolutely love these bath salts. Add 2-5 spoonfuls to bath water and salt will melt while the garden dried herbs will float on the water's surface. Relax and enjoy!

The Lavender Mint Bath Salts come in a 4 oz mason jar that is re-usable and glass, no plastic here! Treat your skin with Epsom Salt which is known to remove toxins from the skin, help with sore muscles after a hard workout at the gym, or any time you have any soreness. You can feel the pain melt away as you have a wonderful bathing experience. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, Organic Essential Oils, and Organic dried herbs from my garden that are grown organically.