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I love to make things and always have. It wasn’t until I moved to Ukraine for Peace Corps that I really began appreciating making things in my home and by hand. Not going to the store to buy a can of soup or a can of beans, but making it from scratch and without preservatives or extra chemicals added. It never really occurred to me until then that so many things could be made at home.

Over the years I have also become increasingly aware of what I put into my body as well as on my body. I have the driest legs and I remember lathering lotion on my legs one day, as I did every day and my mom asking me why I was putting so many chemicals on my legs. Honestly, it had never really occurred to me. So on my quest to make home cooked items; I began to get curious about bath and body products.

 I started looking up any ailment that I had and if there were any natural ways to cure or reduce the ailment. I spent hours and days, a lot of my time was during Peace Corps on those loooong winter days, and found so much information that sparked my interest. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! Many of our bath and body items are made with petroleum by-products and chemicals that are carcinogenic. The list went on and on. I was horrified.

Right around this time, I began attending the UNFCCC Climate Change Conferences and I learned more and more about what was harming the environment and what small things I could do at home to combat my carbon footprint.  I love the fact that I can create products that are more sustainable, made with fewer chemicals and leave less pollution in waterways.

My products are as simple as it can get. I make them with organic oils and butters which I try as much as possible to locally source, with sustainable fair-trade items.  The packaging is as recycled as possible. I try to stay away from plastic containers because of all the chemicals present in plastic and glass jars are reusable and make great containers.

I hope you enjoy my products just as much as I enjoy making them!

*****Our products aim to be sustainable and help to minimize a harmful impact on the environment. When possible we use recycled products for packaging and labeling.

*****Reduce, Reuse, Recycle