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I use ingredients that come straight from the Earth which are organic, locally produced (when possible), unrefined, fair trade and of the highest quality blended in a hot process method in small quantity batches. Due to their handmade nature, each batch is unique and two bars of soap can look very different from each other. These soaps are palm oil free and vegan. Each soap produces a gentle, fluffy, cleansing and creamy lather which is great for dry skin and leaves you feeling cleansed and moisturized. Every soap is handmade, designed and packaged personally making each one unique and made with love so the color, shape and size may vary from bar to bar. The scent is not overpowering, but a light one made only from organic essential oils, no chemical fragrances. The soap is its natural color; I don't add colorants. Take care of your bars as they do not contain chemicals to dry them out between uses. Make sure you soap sits in a soap dish that drains water and is kept as dry as possible between uses. This will prolong the life of your bar.