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November 19, 2018 3 min read


I love autumn, the leaves changing, harvest season, pumpkin flavored everything and the holidays!! However, this time of year also brings the cooling of the weather and longer colder nights. I don’t know about you, but my skin goes crazy, especially my lips! It seems as though I can’t keep up with the dryness.

There are so many options out there for moisturizing your lips. Sometimes we tend to grab whatever is at the checkout counter at the local shop we are at when we are running our errands. However, have you ever looked at the label and the ingredients these lip balms contain? It’s a little scary. There are so many ingredients most people can’t pronounce. Some examples include:

Paraffin Wax (most common wax used in cosmetics): While Petroleum oil undergoes its purification and dewaxing process, paraffin wax is produced as a byproduct. This petroleum-based paraffin wax is found in many products today. These include: candles, wax paper, cosmetics, polishes and many other products. You will be surprised how many times it pops up on the ingredient list.

Parabens: a chemically produced additive that is used in many cosmetics and beauty care as a cheap preservative to increase the shelf life of products. Research has found that they interfere with hormone function, which can lead to an increase in breast cancer. It has also been found that they can interfere with reproductive function.

Synthetic Colors and Dyes: These are also commonly found in food. Many have taken notice of the harmful problems these cause when they are present in our food, but it can be found in beauty care products as well. FD&C Blue 1, Yellow 5 and Red 33 are common ones to keep an eye out for. These are all made from coal tar and full of harmful toxins.

Artificial Fragrances and Flavors: These are made up of thousands, yes that is correct, thousands of chemical compounds to re-create scents and tastes that the earth naturally provides us in our gardens, out in fields and in the mountains. The FDA actually allows ANYTHING to be added to products that are labeled “fragrance” and this word is not regulated. So it basically can be anything. This is why scents and tastes that come from nature are better. Actual food products and essential oils. Just be careful where you get your essential oils from because there are a lot of companies out there that make essential oils, but cut them with other oils, so it isn’t the pure form of the plant.

Petroleum Jelly (vasoline) and Mineral Oil: These are both derived through the Petroleum oil refining process. Yes, Mineral Oil sounds good, but it is indeed derived from Petroleum. Maybe it’s time to rethink what you put on your wood cutting boards! These products actually dry out your skin and make it harder for your skin to breathe.

Sunscreens: There are a few chemicals added to lip balms which include: octisalate, avobenzone, octinoxate, and oxybenzone. There are harmful for coral reefs and they are horrible for your bodies hormone system because they mimic estrogen in your body.n

BHT: A shortened acronym for butylated hydroxytoluene. This chemical is found as a preservative in so many products both food and cosmetics.  It has been found to be in endocrine disruptor and is linked to developmental and reproductive issues.



So the next time you pick up a tube of lip balm, look at the ingredients and make your decision based off of what you have learned. Do you really want to be eating so many crazy ingredients that are going to do more harm to your body than good?


For a long while, I had trouble finding any product that I knew all the ingredients on the packaging or actually liked. It lead me to create my own lip balms and over the years, I have created a few. In would love for you to give them a try. My lips have most definitely been much happier and I know that I am not directly eating a ton of crazy chemicals every time I am moisturizing my lips.


Lip Balm Option Available from Graciela's Goodies:

Mint Lip Balm

Lemongrass Mojito Lip Balm

Tinted Lip Balm: Purple Shimmer

Tinted Lip Balm: Pink Shimmer

Tinted Lip Balm: Copper

Tinted Lip Balm: Burgundy

(the tinted lip balms are tinted with mica powder, a mineral that comes from the earth)


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